Rated Communications from Gambling Operator to the DGOJ



Rated Communications Procedure

  • Purpose of Procedure

    The Operator's Rated Communications procedure makes the necessary electronic means available to licensed national online gambling operators so that using telematic means, through the electronic office, certain obligations on communications can be fulfilled under Law 13/2011, of 27 May, on gambling regulation, as well as in its corresponding implementing regulation, Royal Decree 1614/2011, of 14 November, regarding licences, authorisations and gambling registries.

    Once the documentation provided has been verified, the information and documents provided, where appropriate, are included in the  General Licence Register, as stated on the form itself and, in any event, the DGOJ’s information systems.

    Likewise, and pursuant to Article 66 of Law 39/2015, of 1 October, on the common administrative procedure for public administrations, using this standard electronic form is mandatory for the submission of the information detailed below. The use of any other means of communication will be subject to a rectification request, and shall not deem to be submitted if not done within the corresponding timeframe and required procedure.

  • Information to include in rated communications

    List of information to be transferred through the rated communications procedure:

    • Communication of all changes to the make-up of operators.
      • Registration, cancellation or modification of the data of Directors, Legal Representatives,  natural or legal persons with a significant shareholding in the company, proxies and Board Members.
      • Opening and closing of bank accounts
    • Communication of all changes to the operator’s head  office.
    • Communication  of the representative and/or address for notification purposes.
      • Registration, de-registration or modification of the representatives for notification purposes and their addresses
    • Communication of any change in the share capital and in the ownership of shares or shareholdings.
      • Stating whether the corporate operation is a  partial sale, total sale, capital increase or capital reduction
    • Communication of changes related to the operation of authorised licences:
      • Communication of the specific rules on Contests.
        • Both new and existing
      • Programmes, or programme modifications, on "Other Fixed-odds Betting” type bets.
      • New particular gambling rules or modifications.
        • Indicating which specific licence and form of gambling it affects, as well as the electronic address (URL) of the operator's website where they are published
      • Modification of gambling contracts.
        • Indicating which general licence is referred to, as well as the electronic address (URL) of the operator's website where it is published.
      • Contracts  agreed with third-party service providers.
      • Modification of the additional games catalogue.
      • Changes to the operational plan.
      • Other communications.
    • Prior notice of non-compliance with the funds transfer deadline (Article 35.2 of RD 1614/2011)
    • Communication of changes in the electronic addresses (URLs) registered for the gambling on offer or related to it:
      • Stating if the URL is used for
        • The gambling on offer or other
        • Responsible gambling section
        • Behavioural and responsible gambling test
      • As well as indicating their status: domain reservation, URL activation, deactivation or definitive closure of the domain and the date from which the communication is effective.
    • Communication at the Start/End of Operations for each type of gambling on offer and its specific rules.
      • Stating:
        • Date it takes effect
        • Specific licence affected
        • Form of gambling
        • Document and electronic address (URL) where the applicable specific  rules are published
    • Communication of Technical Contacts
      • Indicating the type of technical contact (Gambler Verification, Monitoring, CAIREST or others) and the status (registration, de-registration or modification)
    • Communication of mobile gambling apps.
      • Providing the name of the app, the app store where it can be downloaded, the URL to download it and the application’s icon


Procedure to Download data from the General Licensing Register, the Operator Linked Registry and other additional information Return to top

  • Querying the information provided

    In relation to the Operator's Rated Communications procedure, the Directorate-General for the Regulation of Gambling offers licensed operators a procedure to  query the information the Directorate-General holds on licensed operators, to facilitate the management and updating of said information.

    Through this procedure, the operator can query the information available to  the DGOJ which it has provided in the various requests for licences, rated communications or inclusion in the registry of persons linked to the operator.

    Once the request has been electronically registered, a notification is generated by appearance, which is made available to the representative for the purpose of notifications of the corresponding operator with all the information available from said operator in the General Licence Register (RGL) section and the Registry of Persons Linked to the Operator (RGPVOJ).

    The files attached to this notice are an Excel file with the current RGPVOJ data and two PDF files, one with RGL information and another with additional operator information.

    Should a modification to linked persons be required, it can be made through the electronic office and more specifically through the “Application for registration, de-registration or modification in the RPVOJ” procedure. In this procedure you can include the attached Excel sheet with the modifications deemed necessary, removing rows related to unchanged linked persons, modifying those where the data changes or including new rows for linked people who have joined the company and are not currently in the RPVOJ.

    Should modifications to the remaining information in the PDFs (RGL information and additional information) be required, these can be communicated through the Rated Communications from Gambling Operator to the DGOJ procedure.

    In both cases, you are reminded of the obligatory use of electronic forms, Article 66 of Law 39/2015, of 1 October, on the common administrative procedure of public administrations. Any other form of communication will be subject to rectification being requested, and will not be considered as submitted if not carried out within the corresponding timeframe.