Online register and standardised forms

The online register of the Directorate General for Gambling Regulation allows the reception and submission of applications, documents and communications within its sphere, in the form and with the scope foreseen in article 24 of Law 11/2007 of 22 June on citizens' electronic access to public services and in articles 26 to 31 of Royal Decree 1671/2009 of 6 November.
The online register was set up and regulated following a Resolution issued on 31 October 2011 . 
Identification systems for accessing the register:
To prove their identity at the online register, document signatories may use one of the digital signature systems listed under article 13.2 of Law 11/2007 of 22 June, on citizens' electronic access to public services under the section accepted Signature Systems. Specifically:

  • Digital DNI identification and signing on the part of individuals is always valid.
  • Identification and signing on the part of legal persons using the corresponding certificate issued by a recognised certificate entity

Acknowledgement of receipt
The online register will automatically deliver a digitally signed receipt stating:

  • the personal register number or code;
  • the date and time of delivery;
  • a copy of the filed document or letter; and
  • a list of the names of the documents attached to the text, followed by the digital print on each one. For these purposes, an electronic print is a hash obtained by applying a mathematical algorithm to the text in question. The algorithm used in the digital print shall be stated in the acknowledgement of receipt. In most cases, the attached document is the corresponding application in XML format.
  • For documents filed to open a procedure, information on the maximum deadline set in the regulations for deciding and informing on the procedure and the effects of administrative silence whenever it may be determined automatically.

Verification of submitted documents and acknowledgment of receipt duplicates:
You may obtain acknowledgment of receipt duplicates.
You need a digital certificate to access the service. You can also enter if you have accessed the online office at least once using a digital certificate.
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