Instructions on information requirements


Information requirements from the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling mean the following information must be provided.

  1. The Quality Plan of the data extraction processes used.
  2. Correction of inaccurate ICS data.
  3. Newly extracted data on an Excel spreadsheet, if circumstances make it impossible or very difficult to correct inaccurate ICS data

This means the following must be submitted before 31 December:

  1. The Quality Plan of the data extraction processes used. (No template, operators will provide the quality plans they have conducted).
  2. Statement of whether ICS data have been corrected. (No template, operators can draft the statement as they see fit).

Also, if the operator has stated that it has regenerated the data, correcting or replacing ICS data, a period will begin in January 2014 in which the quality of the data for 2012 and 2013 will be checked. If the problems persist, operators will be informed that they must extract the data corresponding to operations from the start of trading to 31 December 2013 on Excel spreadsheets.

If the operator has stated it cannot correct the ICS data, it will automatically be required to extract the data on an Excel spreadsheet and submit them within 15 days from 1 January 2014.

There are two data extraction templates which can be downloaded from the following links:   Operador_RU_Año.xlsx template  |  Operador_CJ_Año.xlsx template

You can download the instructions for filling them.

The templates can also be requested via the monitoring support email account ( They will be provided for the operators as soon as possible.

All the information described above can be submitted in person at the Registry or online at the electronic office.



The following procedure can be completed through the electronic office:


  • SECTION: Electronic Procedures and Services -> For operators   -> Mandatory reports by the operator -> Non-regular information

PROCEDURE: ICS quality plan

The three types of information can be submitted together or separately in this procedure.

We will give some examples to show how it works.

  • Example 1 (  Application with Quality plan + Statement + Data extracted for 2012 - Application with data extracted for 2013)

On 26 December the operator submits the quality plan, the statement that the ICS data could not be regenerated, and the data extracted for 2012.
The data extracted for 2013 will be submitted in a later application.

  • Example 2. (Application with Quality Plan + Application with Statement)

On 10 December the  quality plan is submitted
On 28 December the statement that ICS data have been regenerated is submitted.
Nothing else need be submitted, unless the DGOJ requires an extraction after the checking period.

  • Example 3. (Application with Quality Plan - Application with Statement - Application with data extraction)

On 26 December the quality plan is submitted
On 30 December the statement that ICS data have NOT been regenerated is submitted.
On 7 January the extracted data for 2102 and 2013 is submitted